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Students and teachers are at the heart of Capitol Debate. Our instructors know the value of debate and understand how it can be incorporated in the classroom. We recognize that more teachers and students can benefit from debate. Capitol Debate came to the SXSW EDU Playground to demystify debate and encourage its use throughout classroom across the country.

Integrating debate in the classroom does not require a massive investment of money or time.
  • Interdisciplinary Approach - Teachers are the subject matter experts. Debate is a tool to share that expertise with students.
  • Cooperative Learning - Students work with each other to learn, and improve their understanding of the subject matter.
  • Public Speaking - Students gain confidence in their argument and voice. They also learn that listening is a key to good communication.
Debate has a lifelong impacts
Student quote: "Debate will help you in whichever career you choose."
  • Critical Thinking
  • Self-Directed Learning
  • Leadership Skills
  • Global Awareness

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Work with Capitol Debate

Are you passionate about helping students find their voice?

Are you engaging, motivating, and effective?

We know that expertise and passion have to go hand in hand for instructors to help students become successful debaters. We also know that a strong team is what makes the experience, learning, fun, and feel of camp a success not only for the students but also the staff. You’ve probably heard the term, “it takes a village,” and that’s precisely the environment we create at camp. Each staff member, regardless of their role, is there to help students learn, experience success, and have a fantastic time!


About Capitol Debate


When we first developed Capitol Debate in 2006, and started our academic summer camps across Maryland and Virginia, our primary goal was to enrich the social, intellectual, and academic lives of our students through the debating process. We believe this would help them to cultivate the public speaking and leadership skills that are so vital to later career success.

Our goal hasn’t changed. While our academic camps have grown to serve thousands of students, the core value has remained at the heart of all our programs and activities.

We believe that learning that public speaking and debate skills are one of the most important skills a student can learn. These skills transform students into powerful advocates for themselves and others by teaching critical thinking, reasoning and persuasive skills.

Why Capitol Debate

We are innovators in public speaking and communications for middle school and high school students. Our programs meet students where they are without overwhelming jargon or theory. We teach students fundamental skills that transition easily from a debate to a science presentation to Model United Nations to your dinner table.

There's a Place for You

Is your student interested in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics?
We have a camp for that.

Is your student interested in starting a business? Participating in DECA?
We have a camp for that.

Is your student interested in improving their public speaking skills?
We have a camp for that.

Is your student already involved in debate?
We have camps (Public Forum, Lincoln Douglas) for that too!

In the 2019 Summer, we will be hosting more than 40 camps throughout the United States with residential and commuter options. Our programs are open to students entering 6th grade through high school.

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