Early Bird Savings with Flexible Options

As we approach the Summer of 2024, Capitol Debate, with over 15 years of experience in delivering exceptional summer debate camps, is excited to offer a range of outstanding opportunities for students and their families. Understanding the need for more flexibility and value, we have revamped our registration process to better suit your needs.

Payment Plans: Secure your spot with just a $899 deposit, locking in our attractive early bird prices without needing to pay the full amount upfront. Enjoy the convenience of spreading your payments through to May 15, 2024, with our tailored payment plans. These plans include easy automatic credit card charges on predetermined dates, offering a hassle-free way to manage your investment in your child's future.

Pay in Full Discounts: For families preferring to pay in full, we offer an additional savings of $100, rewarding your early commitment.

At Capitol Debate, we're dedicated to making our summer camps accessible, enjoyable, and worry-free. Register today and embark on a summer journey of learning, growth, and fun!

2024 Prices and Rates

Residential Prices Include: Tuition, Room, and Meals.

Commuter Prices Include: Tuition during weekdays and Saturday from 9-5. Meals Not Included. Option to purchase lunch.

*Cost excludes $75 fee for safety regulations, local and federal governmental compliance.

Rates increase to Full Price after April 30

At Capitol Debate, we're excited to offer substantial discounts for families. Register by April 30 and save up to $200 on residential/commuter debate camps. This year, securing these savings is easier than ever: simply pay a $899 deposit to lock in these rates. You can then spread the balance into equal monthly payments until May 15. Your credit card will be conveniently charged on the 15th of each month, making budgeting a breeze.

Your Spot with Ease: Our $899 Deposit Guarantee

Embrace affordability and convenience with Capitol Debate's $899 Deposit Guarantee. This program enables you to reserve your place and lock in the current rate with just a $899 deposit. No need for the full payment upfront.
Here's how it benefits you:
Guarantee the Current Price: Secure your spot at the prevailing rate with a minimal deposit.
Flexible Payment Plan: Spread the remaining balance with a payment schedule extending up to May 15, designed to suit your registration date.
Ease Your Financial Planning: Avoid the strain of a lump sum payment, making budget management smoother and more manageable.
Our $899 Deposit Guarantee is our way of ensuring that our top-tier educational experiences are within reach, providing families like yours with the flexibility and assurance needed in today's world.

No Hassle Payment Plans Available

Make budgeting for our Summer Debate Camps more manageable, we've introduced a flexible payment plan option. Begin with just a $899 deposit to lock in the current discounted rate. You can then evenly distribute the remaining balance across monthly payments until May 15, with the number of payments depending on your registration date. By choosing this plan, you agree to automatic credit card charges on the 15th of each month. Timely completion of payments is crucial, as failure to do so will result in a reversion to the standard program rates. For added flexibility, you have the option to cancel your plan and apply any payments made as credit towards future summer debate camps.

Pay in Full - Save $100!

Opting to pay the full amount during checkout? You’ll be rewarded with a $100 discount off the summer debate camp's current price. Please note that while full payments are nonrefundable, they come with a safety net. In line with our cancellation policy, should you or Capitol Debate need to cancel, we offer up to 100% credit. This credit is applicable to any Capitol Debate Camp or programs and can be used within two years from your originally scheduled summer debate camp date.

Enjoy Flexibility With Our Easy Transfer Policy!

Register for any summer debate camp now and if you Cancel by May 1, 2024, and you'll receive a full 100% credit for future summer debate camps. This ensures you have the flexibility you need without financial worry. Register confidently today, knowing your investment is protected!

Flexible Cancellation Policy for Your Peace of Mind

At Capitol Debate, we recognize the importance of flexibility, especially when making future financial commitments. While our standard policy remains no financial refunds, detailed in our Full Cancellation Policy, we’ve enhanced our approach to better accommodate your needs. Now, any credit due to cancellation can be used for up to two years, giving you more time to plan your family's participation in our summer debate camps. Additionally, we’ve expanded the possibilities by allowing credit to be transferred not just to immediate family members but to other students as well. This way, if your plans change, the value of your investment can still be utilized by someone else, ensuring you have options that align with your family's changing circumstances. Feel confident in your registration, knowing that we’re committed to offering solutions that provide both security and flexibility. For more details, please review our Full Cancellation Policy