Capitol Debate: Where Potential Meets Achievement

Capitol Debate Summer Camps transforms potential into achievement, guiding young minds through 18 years of excellence in communication, critical thinking, and leadership. Our alumni shine in academia and life, embodying success from Ivy Leagues to global stages. We're not just a debate camp; we're a launchpad for lifelong success across school and beyond.

Enhanced Speech & Debate Skills

Vocal Training & Persuasive Techniques Shape Confident Communicators

Increased Confidence

Supportive Expert Coaching Elevates Self-Esteem

Improved Critical Thinking

Argument Analysis Boosts Problem-Solving Skills

Better Academic Success

Researching, Organizing, Communicating Boosts Classroom Acumen

Inspired Team Leader

Teamwork and Communication Lessons Empower Leaders

Refined Soft Skills

Collaboration, Character, Conflict Resolution, Cooperation, Community Building

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