Refund and Cancellation Policy

Updated July 1, 2023 - for registrations prior to update, please refer to the terms and conditions in your registration.

Customer Initiated Cancellations

All payments are non refundable under any circumstances. Instead, credit will be applied for use in future programs under the following program cancellation credit timetable:

  • After May 1 | 85% credit
  • 30 - 22 days before start date | 70% credit
  • 21 - 8 days before start date | 60% credit
  • 7 - 4 days before start date | 50% credit
  • 3 - 1 day before start date | 25% credit
  • 24 hours before program start | 0 credit

All requests for cancellation must be made in writing and be sent electronically to Any and all payments made towards add-ons such as commuter lunch are non-refundable and are non-creditable. Any and all payments made toward additional fees (including but not limited to the Safety and Compliance Fee) are non-refundable and non-creditable.

Program Cancelled by Third Party:

Should cancellation for reasons outside of our control become necessary which include but are not limited to host campuses canceling camps, compliance with local, state, and national regulations that require closure, pandemics, or acts of god (see Force Majeure clause), Capitol Debate reserves the right to make alternative suitable accommodations including but not limited to holding the camp at another location within 20 miles of the original location.

If suitable accommodations cannot be provided for Summer 2024, Capitol Debate will provide customers with 100% account credit plus an additional 5% account credit to their Capitol Debate account to be used towards future programs. If a customer requires a financial refund instead of credit, Capitol Debate will refund money paid to Capitol Debate minus a 15% administrative fee. Administrative Fee:Capitol Debate plans all year for the summer experience, and we incur huge costs before any student arrives for the first day of the program. We rely on the revenue that comes in throughout the year to cover all of our preparation expenses for program. For example, our year-round staff are essential for planning the summer. They hire and train our summer staff, coordinate with the university, develop the program, design the curriculum, plan with our families, and take care of countless other essential projects in the winter months. Likewise, we have year-round rent payments, utilities, and many other large expenses.

Program Cancelled by Capitol Debate:

Same as the policy for “Program Cancelled by Third Party” except customers can opt to receive a 100% financial refund. No administrative fee will be charged. This applies to situations where we cancel because of reasons such as low enrollment.