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At Capitol Debate, our focus isn't limited to a single debate format. Instead, we've developed our own proprietary approach, emphasizing the essential skills needed for real-world excellence. While understanding debate formats like Public Forum, Lincoln-Douglas, Parliamentary, or Policy Debate is beneficial, we believe in honing the core skills of public speaking, presentation, persuasion, and critical thinking. These are the skills that truly enable debaters to shine across any format. Often, debate coaches prioritize rapid preparation for competitions, but at Capitol Debate, we dedicate ourselves to nurturing these foundational abilities.

Powerful Speaker with High Credibility: Cultivating Ethos Across Formats At Capitol Debate, we recognize that the heart of a debater's success lies in their ethos—their credibility and moral character. This becomes the cornerstone of their persuasive power. Unlike summer debate camps that focus solely on the procedural aspects of specific debate formats, our curriculum is designed to instill a sense of confidence and authority in our students. We work meticulously to ensure that when a Capitol debater stands before a judge, they exude a level of self-assurance that commands respect. ...more

Persuasion: Mastering the Art of Convincing any Judge Drawing from over a hundred years of combined coaching experience in competitive debate formats like Public Policy Debate, Lincoln Douglas, and Public Forum, our staff has unearthed a universal truth: the essence of debate success is rooted in persuasion. At Capitol Debate, we understand that while grasping the rules and strategies of various debate formats is crucial, the ability to persuasively articulate one's case during the decisive moments of a debate truly distinguishes champions. This skill becomes particularly vital in the final speech, where debaters must consolidate their arguments and present a compelling closing that resonates with the judge, irrespective of their background—whether they be a seasoned expert, a parent, or even a bus driver turned judge. ...more

Critical Thinking: Undercutting Opposing Arguments in Competitive Debate In the heat of debate, the ability to think critically—to swiftly deconstruct an opponent's argument and to expose the underlying assumptions—is invaluable. Capitol Debate's curriculum emphasizes real-world critical thinking, pushing students to analyze, to question, and to innovate. Our debaters are not content with surface-level arguments; they delve deeper, challenging the status quo and redefining the boundaries of debate.... more


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