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Public Speaking Lessons and Skills Taught

  • Develop self-expression and leadership abilities.
  • Transform into a confident speaker under the guidance of experienced coaches.

  • Projection: Learn clear and confident voice projection.
  • Vocal Variety: Changing Volume, Pace, and Pitch to Engage Augdience
  • Articulation: Improve speech clarity and precise pronunciation.
  • Pauses: Use strategic pauses effectively in speech.
  • Emphasis: Learn techniques to highlight key parts of your speech for greater impact.

  • Gestures: Develop hand gestures that complement and enhance your verbal message.
  • Eye Contact: Master the skill of making eye contact to engage and connect with the audience.
  • Movement: Utilize body movement and posture effectively.
  • Expressions: Employ facial expressions to convey emotions and reactions effectively.

  • Hook: Craft compelling hooks to immediately capture audience attention.
  • Statement of Position: Clearly articulate your stance right at the outset.
  • Credibility: Establish your credibility and authority on the subject.
  • Preview Main Points: Offer a clear outline of your speech's structure.

  • Clear Main Points: Structure your speech with distinct and logical main points.
  • Evidence: Back up arguments with solid, credible evidence.
  • Pathos: Infuse your speech with passion to connect emotionally with the audience.
  • Transitions: Seamlessly transition between points for a cohesive speech.

Debate Lessons and Skills Taught

  • Qualified Sources: Master researching skills to find strong arguments.
  • Reliable Sources: Identify and use dependable sources to bolster your case.
  • Good Reasoning: Apply logical reasoning in supporting your arguments.

  • Preparing Questions: Develop insightful questions to challenge opponents.
  • Preparing Answers: Anticipate and prepare for counter-questions.
  • Composure: Maintain composure under pressure.
  • Controlling Questioning: Effectively manage the questioning period to your advantage.

  • Signposting: Clearly address opponents' arguments and provide structured counterpoints.
  • Order: Tackle arguments methodically, maintaining logical flow.
  • Comparing Arguments: Weigh and reconcile different arguments to demonstrate superiority of your case.

  • Powerful Persuasive Closing: Learn to craft impactful conclusions that persuade and resonate with the audience.
  • Clearly State Why You Won: Articulate effectively why your argument or position is superior.
  • Close Door on Opposing Case: Learn techniques to decisively counter and diminish the opposing arguments.
  • Call to Action: Master crafting a compelling call to action, urging the audience to support your side.
  • Use of Passion and Emotion: Infuse your closing with passion and emotion to leave a lasting impression and connect deeply with the audience.

  • Ethos: Credility - Understand how to establish credibility and authority in your speech, building trust with your audience.
  • Pathos: Emotion - Learn to appeal to the audience's emotions, creating a powerful emotional connection with your speech.
  • Logos: Logic - Develop the ability to construct logical, reasoned arguments that make your case compelling and rational.

Watch Capitol Debaters in Action


Watch Capitol Debaters in Action

Discover the remarkable progress our students make as they master the art of debate with Capitol Debate — from novices to articulate speakers in just one summer at our Public Speaking Debate Camps. Each caption in our videos pinpoints key debating skills we nurture, from crafting catchy openings to constructing solid arguments. Witness our debaters put these focused techniques into practice, achieving eloquence and poise over a single summer with Capitol Debate.


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