Capitol Debate: Where Critical Thinkers, Articulate Speakers, and Visionary Leaders are Forged

In a world flooded with debate camps focused solely on competition, Capitol Debate stands distinct. While many train students to win in formatted competitions, we prepare them for life. Our mission transcends mere argumentation; it's about cultivating holistic individuals. Our students don't just learn to argue — they evolve into discerning thinkers, compelling communicators, and leaders with vision. In an educational landscape where many focus on the immediate, we're committed to a lifelong impact. Choose Capitol Debate, and invest in an education that truly differentiates.


Top 10 Reasons Why Capitol Debate Stands Out

Real-World Mastery: Unlike 99% of both online and in-person debate camps that train students for specific competition formats, Capitol Debate emphasizes essential public speaking skills for real-life applications. Our mission transcends mere competition wins; we shape articulate speakers, prepared to thrive in academic and professional realms.

Pedagogical Excellence: Our instructors aren't just debate experts; they possess substantial classroom pedagogical experience. This educational background ensures they're adept at nurturing and elevating every student's potential.

Cultivating Leaders and Advocates: More than just debate skills, we empower students to become leaders and advocates. Our holistic curriculum intertwines leadership principles and psychological insights, emphasizing visualization, goal-setting, and personal growth.

Tailored Learning: We recognize every child's distinctiveness. Through comprehensive assessments, we identify and bolster their strengths, addressing areas for growth with a personalized touch.

Unwavering Dedication: Capitol Debate isn't a seasonal endeavor. We're a full-time institution, with a dedicated team passionately working year-round. Our sole mission? Delivering an unparalleled debate education experience.

Commitment to Excellence: At Capitol Debate, learning never stops—even for our instructors. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures we consistently offer the latest, most effective communication training techniques.

Tech-Powered Insights: We leverage cutting-edge AI technology to provide immediate, detailed feedback on speeches, from nonfluencies to gestures. Coupled with comprehensive video analyses, our feedback mechanisms are second to none.

A Joyful Learning Experience: With Capitol Debate, learning becomes an exhilarating adventure. We instill a lasting love for advocacy, ensuring each session is both enlightening and enjoyable.

Crafting Tomorrow's Leaders: Debate is our tool, but leadership is our goal. We emphasize the "7 Cs" of leadership—Conflict Resolution, Character, Compromise, Collaboration, Community, Communication, and Caring—to mold well-rounded future leaders.

Laying Foundations for Independence: Beyond eloquence, we prepare students for life. Our programs encompass essential life skills, from budgeting to household tasks, priming them for independent living on a college campus and beyond.