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In a digital era where anyone can launch a website announcing a new summer debate camp, Capitol Debate stands out not just as a pioneer, but as a beacon of true expertise and sustained leadership. Capitol Debate, with over 18 years of dedicated experience, rises above the fleeting trends. Our unwavering commitment extends far beyond the seasonal, transforming us into a year-round force, constantly innovating and enriching the art of debate.

Our team isn't just a group of high school graduates or college students running a makeshift debate camp. Instead, we are a dedicated force, actively enhancing our curriculum throughout the year to deliver an unmatched educational experience. Our focus isn't limited to singular debate formats like policy debate often found in college-run debate camps. We go further, equipping our students with a diverse array of skills that prepare them for real-world challenges – in the classroom, college, and the professional world.

When selecting a summer debate camp, it's crucial to look deeper. Consider the summer debate camp's history, scrutinize its leadership, and evaluate the qualifications of its instructors. This is where Capitol Debate truly shines, offering a depth of experience and quality that sets us apart.

Choose Capitol Debate. Choose the difference. Choose the authority.

Ian Teaching at Capitol Debate

Capitol Debate has a Long History of Excellence with Thousands of Successful Alumni

For over 18 years, Capitol Debate has been the launchpad for thousands of students who have walked through our doors and soared to prestigious heights. Our alumni embody success, with acceptances and degrees from every Ivy League institution, including luminaries like Stanford, and Yale, as well as other renowned universities across the nation. Our graduates have expanded their horizons into elite graduate programs worldwide, including the London School of Economics and top-tier medical, law, and Ph.D. programs.

The accomplishments of our students extend into the professional world, where they've secured influential positions at leading companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, and have made their mark at major consultancies such as Bain and Deloitte. They've navigated the competitive arenas of Wall Street, distinguished law firms, and the medical field, proving that Capitol Debate is more than just a summer debate camps —it's a foundation for lifelong achievement. Choose a debate camp with a proven track record. Choose Capitol Debate.

Capitol Debate Moves Beyond the Overly Narrow Focus in Specialized Debate Programs

Many specialized debate camps fall short in their approach, focusing solely on preparing students for specific debate formats and competitive events. This narrow focus neglects a crucial aspect of communication: practical application in real-world scenarios. At Capitol Debate, we believe in empowering our students with skills that go far beyond the realm of formal debate competitions. At Capitol Debate, we understand that preparing students for success extends far beyond the confines of competitive debate. We focus on developing well-rounded individuals with the communication skills, character, and leadership qualities needed to thrive in any situation. When you choose Capitol Debate, you're investing in your child's future, not just their ability to win debates.

Why Capitol Debate
Why Capitol Debate

Capitol Debate Cultivates Leaders and Great Advocates, Not Just Winning Debaters

At Capitol Debate, we believe that true success in life extends far beyond mastering debate techniques. We are dedicated to also fostering a holistic learning experience that cultivates soft skills for success such as confidence, strong character, collaborative spirits, and effective conflict resolution skills. This goes beyond simply equipping your child with a toolbox of debate tricks; it empowers them to become influential leaders capable of making a positive impact for themselves and their communities. By investing in these vital skills, we empower your child to become not just a skilled debater, but a well-rounded leader prepared to face the challenges and opportunities of the future. So, when you choose Capitol Debate, you're not just choosing a debate camp, you're choosing a path towards empowerment, character growth, and meaningful impact.

Capitol Debate: A Legacy of Excellence Surpassing Other Debate Programs in Experience and Expertise

Capitol Debate, with a history spanning 18 years of running summer debate camps across the nation, stands as a testament to the depth and variety of experience we bring to the field of debate education. Ron Bratt, our founder, has been at the forefront of debate camp leadership for over 35 years, organizing some of the largest and most prestigious camps, and collaborating with the State Department to welcome students from around the world. His diverse background as a university professor, lawyer, business leader, and coach of numerous national debate champions converges to create a uniquely enriching environment at Capitol Debate. Complementing this, our debate camp directors, many of whom boast over two decades of teaching experience and have been integral to Capitol Debate for over ten years, bring a wealth of familiarity and expertise. Together, this collective experience shapes Capitol Debate into one of the nation’s premier debate camps, dedicated to excellence in every aspect of debate education.

Why Capitol Debate
Why Capitol Debate

Capitol Debate is in a League of Its Own in Teaching Essential Communication Skills for Practical Real-World Success

Capitol Debate prioritizes teaching practical skills essential for real-world scenarios - from engaging confidently in classroom discussions to excelling in college admissions, and from succeeding in professional careers to making a positive impact in their communities. Our curriculum is designed to develop not only strong debaters but also individuals who can advocate persuasively, speak out with confidence, and shine amongst their peers.

Improving Interpersonal Skills for Leadership and Influence

A separate focus of our summer debate camp is on developing everyday interpersonal skills. By enhancing interactions with friends, peers, adults, coworkers, classmates, and teachers, our students become standout leaders. They learn how to effectively communicate, influence, and lead in various social and professional settings, setting the stage for success in all areas of life.

Why Capitol Debate
Veteran Classroom Instructors

Capitol Debate Guarantees Veteran Instructors Lead Every Class

At Capitol Debate, every class is guided by a Senior Instructor with extensive experience in both classroom teaching and competitive debate. These educators bring an unparalleled depth of knowledge in classroom management, tailored instruction to meet diverse learning needs, and exceptional skills in student engagement. Their seasoned approach ensures that complex debate techniques are communicated effectively, fostering skill development and nurturing confidence in every student. Be cautious of debate summer debate camps relying on college students for instruction. While enthusiastic, these individuals often lack the seasoned teaching expertise found in professional educators. Capitol Debate's commitment to quality education means your child learns from experienced teachers from middle, high school, or college environments, not just enthusiastic amateurs. This difference is critical for a comprehensive, effective learning experience that goes beyond basic debate skills.

Every Day, All Year Round: Living and Breathing Public Speaking and Debate 365/24/7, Far Beyond a Seasonal Endeavor

At Capitol Debate, our commitment transcends the typical boundaries of seasonal camps. We are a year-round institution, fueled by a team that's fully dedicated to the art of public speaking and debate. Every day, we eat, sleep, and breathe this craft, channeling our passion into creating the most enriching and unparalleled debate education experience. Unlike college camps or other summer debate camps that operate on a temporary basis, our staff's full-time, year-round dedication distinctly sets us apart. This unwavering commitment to excellence is the cornerstone of our ethos and a clear testament to our mission: to provide the absolute best experience for our students, every single day of the year.

Every Day, All Year Round
Why Capitol Debate

Capitol Debate's Personalized and Tailored Approach for Each Student's Growth

At Capitol Debate, we recognize that each child's experience in public speaking and debate is distinct. Rejecting the notion of a one-size-fits-all model, our full-time dedication enables us to customize our debate camp experience to align precisely with each child's needs and abilities. From the outset, we engage in thorough assessments to gauge your child's existing skills and identify areas for potential enhancement. Our team is committed to continuous evaluation, ensuring that every phase of the summer debate camp is designed to elevate your child's abilities in debate and public speaking. Effective communication within our team is crucial. We guarantee smooth transitions between instructors, ensuring that every team member is well-informed about the specific focus areas for your child. This collaborative approach guarantees that your child benefits from ongoing, individualized attention and instruction. Opting for Capitol Debate means choosing a debate camp that molds to fit your child, fostering their skills and building their confidence in a manner that is uniquely suited to them. At our debate camp, the route to excellence is as individual as each child we mentor.

Always Learning, Always Growing, Always Innovating, Always Improving, and Always Training

At Capitol Debate, we believe that the pursuit of excellence is a continuous journey, not a destination. We don't just teach public speaking and debate skills; we are unrelenting in our commitment to refining our approach and improving the resources we offer. This means that our instructors are constantly undergoing rigorous training and development, ensuring they master the latest teaching practices and communication techniques. Further, we leverage cutting-edge AI technology to provide your child with immediate, personalized feedback on their speeches, allowing them to identify areas for improvement with unprecedented clarity. When you choose Capitol Debate, you can rest assured that your child will be exposed to the most effective teaching methods available, delivered by passionate and dedicated instructors who are constantly pushing their own boundaries to become even better. This unwavering commitment to learning and growth is what sets Capitol Debate apart and makes us the clear choice for parents who want their children to develop the best communication skills possible.

Always Learning and Growing at Capitol Debate

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