Grouping Students

At Capitol Debate Summer Camp, we understand the importance of creating an environment where every student can thrive, regardless of their prior debate experience. Our approach to organizing classes is designed with the individual needs of our students in mind, ensuring a tailored and enriching experience for all

Summer Debate Program Placement

Step 1: Dividing Students Chronolgically by Birthdate

We start by categorizing our students into two main groups: newcomers to Capitol Debate and returning students. This initial separation ensures that students new to Capitol Debate receive the foundational skills they need, while returners can continue building on their existing knowledge. Within these groups, students are further organized chronologically by date of birth, meaning students are placed with peers close to their age. This approach ensures that an 11-year-old beginner won't find themselves in classes with 14-year-olds.

Step 2: Customizing Learning Within Every Class

We start by grouping students primarily by age to ensure comfort and peer compatibility. Then, we delve deeper, crafting individualized action plans for each student based on their specific needs. This means that a student who's new to debate and perhaps a bit shy will receive focused support on building confidence and communication skills. Similarly, a student who has engaged in public speaking or participated in debate activities will find opportunities to refine their persuasive techniques and strategic thinking. Our approach is centered on individualized attention within the classroom setting, ensuring that every student's needs are met, regardless of their prior experience with public speaking and debate.

Individualized Debate Learning
Small Summer Debate Classes

Step 3: Afternoon Placement in Smaller, Skill-Based Groups for Targeted Growth

In our afternoon sessions, we fine-tune our approach by organizing smaller groups of students with similar levels or areas of focus. This structure allows for more detailed and targeted instruction, ensuring that each participant, from those newly introduced to debate to those with some experience looking to sharpen specific skills, receives the attention and guidance they need. By grouping students with similar goals, we create an environment conducive to focused improvement, where peers can support and learn from each other's experiences. These sessions are designed to deepen understanding and skill in specific areas, ensuring all our students make meaningful progress in a setting that acknowledges and addresses their individual needs.

Step 4: Matching Electives to Each Student's Stage of Learning

In the final step, we offer elective sessions tailored to match each student's current stage of learning and interest. These electives are an essential part of our debate camp, designed to allow students to explore deeper into specific areas that intrigue them or to further refine skills they wish to develop. Whether a student comes to us with a background in competitive debate or is new to the world of public speaking, these elective options ensure that their experience at summer debate camp is not just about broadening their knowledge base but also about deepening their expertise in areas they are passionate about. This personalized approach supports continued skill enhancement in a nurturing environment, making sure every student can pursue paths that resonate most with their personal learning journey.

Summer Debate Program Electives

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