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Welcome to Capitol Debate Summer Program, where learning meets excitement! Our program is a two-week journey of growth, learning, and unforgettable experiences. Each day is meticulously planned to ensure a perfect blend of educational activities, leadership development, and fun. Our schedule is designed to ignite passion for debate and public speaking while fostering personal growth and confidence in our students. Join us as we take a closer look at what each week at Capitol Debate Program offers!

Week One: Presentation and Style

The first week at Capitol Debate is all about introducing students to the basics of public speaking and debate. Each day is filled with dynamic lessons, hands-on activities, and team-building exercises, paving the way for confident and compelling communicators.

Sunday: Check-In for Residential Students and Ice Breakers.

Monday: Building Confidence and Polishing Vocal Delivery Skills.

Tuesday: Accentuating the Power of Body Language and Nonverbal Communication Skills.

Wednesday: Refining the art of crafting persuasive, well-structured arguments, underscored by a strong emphasis on credibility.

Thursday: Mastering extemporaneous delivery is emphasized, with a focus on impactful openings and closings.

Friday: Showcasing Persuasive Speech Skills on Public Speaking Day.

Saturday: Enhancing Critical Thinking and Refutation Skills.

Week One Schedule

Week Two: Advancing Debate Skills and Showcasing Growth

Building upon the foundational skills of Week One, the second week of Capitol Debate Summer Camp delves deeper into advanced debate techniques and public speaking strategies.

Sunday: Enjoying a day of relaxation and fun with field day activities and a talent show.

Monday: Refining crucial debate skills through cross-examination and active listening.

Tuesday: Mastering the art of the closing speech and learning to conclude debates with impact.

Wednesday: Participating in a debate tournament, applying skills in a supportive competition environment.

Thursday: Celebrating growth and achievements with an end-of-program celebration, including a final performance, recognition ceremony, and farewells.

Week Two Schedule

Typical Daily Schedule for Residential Program

Typical Daily Schedule for Commuters

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