Capitol Debate’s mission is to help students find their voice through the skill of debate. Equally important to us is that students who attend Capitol Debate with us are safe, supported, learning, and having an amazing experience! It’s through exceptional staff that these goals can be attained. The experience, expertise, and passion of our team at Capitol Debate are just a few of the things that set us apart.

Summer Job Opportunities

We know that expertise and passion have to go hand in hand for instructors to help students become successful debaters. Our debate instructors are the cream of the crop and have decades of experience to educate, encourage, stretch, and motivate each student. Wellness Coordinators staff members are there to ensure all health, wellness, allergy, injury, and medicinal needs for each student are taken care of. Counselors help students get to know one another, build lasting friendships, expand their comfort zone, enhance social skills, and have a ton of fun.

We also know that a strong team is what makes the experience, learning, fun, and feel of summmer a success not only for the students but also the staff. You’ve probably heard the term, “it takes a village,” and that’s precisely the environment we create at Capitol Debate. Each staff member, regardless of their role, is there to help students learn, experience success, and have a fantastic time!

Are you passionate about helping students find their voice? Are you engaging, motivating, and effective? If you want to be part of a team dedicated to excellence, please continue by reviewing the available job descriptions and completing the online application below.