Embrace Year-Round Excitement in our Club Debate League

  • Introductory Training for New Capitol Debate Students: For those new to Capitol Debate, our introduction class provides all the essential tools and training.
  • Competitive Skill Building for Alumni: Designed for returning Capitol Debate students to elevate their skills.
  • Inclusive Age Group: Open to ages 11-16, catering to diverse young talents.
  • Flexible Time Slots: Choose from four different class times for maximum convenience.
    • Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. EST
    • Tuesday at 8:10 p.m. EST
    • Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. EST
    • Wednesday at 8:10 p.m. EST
    Note: New students to Capitol Debate can only register for 7 p.m. classes.
  • Weekly Refinement Sessions: One-hour weekly class/practice sessions designed to refine skills and strategies.
  • Weekend Skill-Boosters: Optional Weekend Workshops available on Sundays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. EST.
  • Monthly Competitive Outlets: Participate in Monthly Public Speaking and Debate Tournaments every Sunday.


    Club League Features

    Included in tution:
    Dedicated Expert Debate Coach
    Coaches work with students in preparation for debate competitions, feedback on your debate case and refutation briefs, practice speeches and debates with full critiques, research and writing assistance, and strategic guidance.
    Weekly Virtual Team Practice
    Together with your dedicated coach and team you will collaborate on case writing, refutation practices, cross examination drills, speaking exercises, and more.
    Assigned to a Debate Team
    Students can collaborate with their assigned teammates and win sweepstake awards.
    Weekend Workshops
    Debate Topic background lessons, strategic ideas for debating topic, suggested readings on the topic, and guidance on pro / con arguments as it relates to the debate topic.
    Weekend Debate Clinics
    Receive feedback on your debate case, refutation briefs and practice speeches. Assistance on researching and writing.
    Library of Videos and Articles
    Videos include background on debate topic, strategic ideas, suggested reading on the topic, articles on the debate topic, and top tips on debate and public speaking.
    Virtual Public Speaking and Debate Competitions
    Debate tournaments take place monthly. Tournament is divided by both age and experience to provide a fair yet challenging competition. Students will receive feedback after each debate and earn points towards individual awards and team sweepstakes.
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    Welcoming all Levels of Experience

    Whether you are a new debater or a returning debater, Capitol Debate will guide and set you up to debate at our tournaments.

    New to Capitol Debate? During your first quarter, students will learn:
    • Presentation Skills
    • Speech Writing
    • Refutation
    • Cross Examination
    • Closing Speeches
    • First Tournament – Speech Contest
    • Second Tournament – Debate Tournament
    Returning Capitol Debate Students. Weekly practices focusing on:
    • Advanced Case Writing
    • Argument Brainstorming
    • Debate Strategy
    • Research Guidance
    • Practice Debates

    The Impact of Debate

    As Colleges move away from requiring SAT or ACT scores, extra-curricular activities such as debate are more important than ever. Colleges will want to know what you did to better yourself when schools were not open. Students should use this time to SET themselves apart!

    Students who actively participate in debate experience:
    • Higher Grades & Test Scores
    • Top Colleges and Scholarships
    • Lifelong Skills
    • Career Success
    • Leader Amongst Peers

    2023-24 Club Debate Season Details

    Our league brings students together across the US and from around the world.

    • Season divided into four quarters
    • Each quarter is 8 or 9 weeks with 2 weekend tournaments
    • Participate in one or all to tally more points toward final season rankings!
    • Classes available Tuesday or Wednesday evenings*
    • Virtual classes start between 7-9 PM ET*

    * Team members only.

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    • Online classes since 2012: Hundreds of successful online graduates
    • Senior instructors: Educators with 15 to 30 years of pedagogical experience
    • Vetted staff: Background and reference checks performed on all staff
    • Adult instructors: No counselor in training or high schoolers
    • Low student to staff ratio: Quality classrooms designed to maximize interaction and feedback
    • One-on-One Debate
    • Each Side Speaks 3 times in a Debate
      • 4 Minute Opening
      • 3 Minute Rebuttal
      • 2 Minute Closing
      • 2 Minute Cross Examination of Opponent after Opening
    • Contemporary Topic Changes Every Month
    • Season divided into four quarters
    • Each quarter is 8 or 9 weeks with 2 weekend tournaments
    • Participate in one or all to tally more points toward final season rankings!
    • Classes available Tuesday or Wednesday evenings
    • Virtual classes start between 7-9 PM ET
    • Introductory Classes Available

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