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Preamble: All Capitol Debate Staff, regardless of title and/or experience, are here to: serve the best interests of the student, make it an amazing summer for all participants, show up every day as their best self, and be present to take on any and all responsibilities that create a successful camp! All Capitol Debate staff are considered Camp Counselors first and foremost.

Job Overview

The Instructor is responsible for the overall success of curriculum delivery in the classroom, student learning, and motivation. Report and work directly with the Camp Director to ensure a smooth camp experience. As an Instructor, your job is to empower and support each student to reach greatness.

Job Overview

  • Guide and support the curriculum and lecture planning
  • Familiarize yourself with the Summer Debate Topic
  • Assist with marketing the camp
  • You are responsible for helping students research, write their speeches and/or presentations and provide feedback
  • You are responsible for assisting in judging the student competitions and helping facilitate the student showcase
  • Run classes
  • Deliver lectures
  • Support other Instructors and Camp Counselors
  • Judge practice debates, student presentations, and Camp Competitions
  • You will be required to extend your hours leading up to the competition(s), mentioned above, as we approach the camp competition
  • Assist with chaperoning field trips
  • Attend all staff meetings during the camp
  • Assist with first and last-day camp ceremonies and activities
  • Arrive one (1) day prior to the official start of camp - Day 0
  • Assist with administrative or other matters during camp as requested by Camp Director
  • Participate in 5-10 hours of pre-camp curriculum and general training, lesson and camp planning, and collaboration meetings with Capitol Debate Headquarters, Camp Directors, and Instructors for each camp session
  • Participate in an all-weekend online training summit

Returning Instructor Expectations

includes all responsibilities of Camp Counselor / Instructor plus:

  • Contribute feedback to regular curriculum meetings
  • Act as a mentor to first-year camp counselor/instructor

Senior Instructor Expectations

includes all responsibilities of Returning Instructor plus:

  • Run regular curriculum meetings
  • Train new instructors
  • Help plan the curriculum for the camp with the Camp Director
  • Assist the Camp Director with curriculum implementation

Requirements & Experience

Instructors typically possess a degree within the field of Education, Child Psychology, Social Work, or an equivalent field. Instructors typically have a minimum of two (2) years classroom teaching experience and at least a Bachelor’s degree. Experience teaching Public Speaking and Debate plus working in youth-based programs. The Camp Instructor position is required to attend training sessions and/or planning meetings during the months leading up to summer, as well as participating in our all-staff orientation and training the day before student arrival at camp. Instructors returning year after year to coach with Capitol Debate are eligible for increased responsibility and compensation. Staff may be required to walk long distances, while supervising children, in between campuses' locations under summer weather conditions. Camp Counselors / Instructors are required to share common spaces and/or shared bathrooms with other camp counselors of the same gender.

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