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Preamble: All Capitol Debate Staff, regardless of title and/or experience, are here to: serve the best interests of the student, make it an amazing summer for all participants, show up every day as their best self, and be present to take on any and all responsibilities that create a successful camp! All Capitol Debate staff are considered Camp Counselors first and foremost.

Job Overview

As the Camp Director / Camp Counselor your job is to empower and support the entire staff to reach greatness. You are to make sure that things are running on time. The Camp Director / Camp Counselor is responsible for preparation of the camp, the overall success of camp from curriculum development and implementation, staff directorship and motivation, as well as camp operations and logistics. Report and work directly with the Capitol Debate Liaison to ensure a smooth camp experience.

Camp Director/Camp Counselor Expectations

  • You are the leader
  • Empower, inspire, and encourage your staff and students
  • Oversee all other roles and delegate tasks to appropriate person
  • Coordinate with the liaison(s) from your college/university camp location(s) as necessary
  • Be involved in the preparation of the camp including but not limited to help with assigning students to classes, dorm rooms, communicating needs to campus representatives with home office staff, and the like
  • Responsible for creating printing and putting together badges, printing names on certificates, and the like
  • Responsible for bringing director bag from camp to camp that might include a small printer, signs, table cloths, banners, signs, and any other equipment needed for camp
  • Ensure all activities are handled effectively and running on time
  • Involved with curriculum & lectures to ensure effective teaching & learning is occurring
  • You are responsible for assisting in judging the student tournament and helping facilitate the student showcase
  • Provide support to the parents, staff and students
  • Respond to parent questions and concerns
  • Order Pizza and Bagels, including arrangement of all logistics surrounding those events
  • Responsible for all camp equipment (i.e projector(s), signage, etc…) and its shipping, and transporting, as necessary.
  • Coordinate with the Support Team in the preparation and logistical elements of the Field Trip
  • You are the frontline to any and all crisis
  • Attend field trips as Chaperone
  • Responsible for building your team by referring, and getting at least one (1) candidate hired, to work on your track
  • Participate in 5-10 hours of pre-camp training with Capitol Debate Headquarters focused on camp planning and curriculum training
  • Participate in 5-10 hours of pre-camp planning / collaboration meetings with the Residential Life Director and Instructors for each camp session
  • Dedicate up to 15 hours toward independent pre-camp preparation for each camp session
  • Participate in and help prepare an all-weekend online training summit on March 21st and March 22nd

Requirements & Experience

Camp Director / Camp Counselor must have extensive experience managing staff and working in youth-based programs. Camp Director / Camp Counselor must typically possess a degree within the field of Education, Child Psychology, Social Work, or an equivalent field. The Camp Director / Camp Counselor position requires attending training sessions and/or planning meetings during the months of October - June, as well as facilitating our all-staff orientation and training before camp begins.

As camps vary depending on location and need, you may take on other duties to support the functioning of camp. Fulfill your contract by helping out and picking up where something is lacking. You are responsible for making camp run smoothly. Sometimes this includes going beyond your assigned duties.