Experience a Summer Program of a Lifetime.

Capitol Debate students are challenged to learn new skills through our programs; they will feel an increase in self-worth, learn critical thinking skills and improve public speaking and communication skills with their peers. Two weeks at Program will result in lifelong friendships and memories that will resonate with our students throughout their academic, personal and professional careers. Students return to our program year after year because of how life-changing our Summer Debate Programs prove to be. Our parents will tell you themselves that they proudly stand by their investment in Capitol Debate because of the impact it has had on their families.


Students who come back have amazing things to say!

With over 40 programs in 2020, Capitol Debate will transform thousands of lives this year. Capitol Debate has a proven track record of producing champions & Ivy League scholars.

Widely Attended

Our academic summer programs and programs attract students from around the world.

Our academic summer programs include a cross-section of world cultures, creating an inspiring atmosphere for innovation and camaraderie. Students have the opportunity to interact and learn with like-minded children from across the United States and the entire world.

We have students from most US states and more than 15 countries attending our summer academic programs, middle school debate summe programs, high school debate summer programs, business communication summer programs, public speaking summer programs, leadership development summer programs and youth leadership summer programs.

Our summer academic programs have included international students from: Taiwan, China, Korea, India, Singapore, Mexico, Serbia, England, the Caribbean islands, Russia, South America, Canada, the Philippines, and many other countries. Using the platform of debate, our summer program students are able to learn ways to speak confidently and improve their communication skills through a myriad of classroom activities.

Whether students are coming to Capitol Debate for debate, public speaking, research, gifted learning, writing or leadership training, Capitol Debate teaches children to think, to think differently, and to think with others to achieve success through creative cooperation.