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After School Fall Classes

Group rates available for community, church, international and school groups. Contact us at (800) 450-5012 for more information.

Public Speaking Fall Classes:

Informative Speeches

Students will learn how to present an informative speech to an audience.

The Power of Your Voice

Students will learn advanced vocal skills.

Extemporaneous Speeches

Students learn how to speak off of key points on a multitude of topics.

Nonverbal Communication

Students learn that their body language, facial expressions, hand gestures, and eye contact communicate volumes.

Debate Fall Classes:

The Art of Persuasion

How to be Influential

Critical Thinking Skills

Students learn how to use critical thinking skills to analyze conflicting message and/or arguments.

Debate Improv

Through using the art of improv and impromptu speaking, debaters learn in a fun way how to think quickly on their feet.

Writing Argumentative Essays

Students will learn how to research and write an argumentative essay for school.

Advanced Research

Class focuses on advanced research skills necessary for debate

Model United Nations

Students will get an introduction to how to participate in Model UN club and competitions.

Parliamentary Debate

Class will focus on the competitive activity of Parliamentary Debate.

Communication Fall Classes:

Confidence and Assertiveness

Students learn confidence-building techniques they will continue to utilize for a lifetime ahead.

21st Century Leaders

Communication skills needed to become an effective leader

Conversation and Communication Mastery

Initiate and carry conversations with both peers and adults.

Conflict Resolution

Healthy communication skills to resolve conflicts.

Small Group Communication

How to work, communicate, and succeed when working in a group.