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Q2 Tournament Championship | Emily vs Teresa

Resolved: Economic Sanctions is an Effective Foreign Policy Tool

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Bello L. | Testimony

How does debate help me become a better team player

Q4 Tournament Championship 5/16/21: Alexa vs Teresa

Standardized Testing

Yakira, New York NY

Business Pitch: Enroll in Capitol Debate

Q4 Tournament Championship 5/16/21: Ethan vs Matthew

Standardized Testing


JC Speech at Babson College 2023

Emily Z, MA | Video Review

"Capitol Debate really helps you not just with becoming a better debater but overall becoming a more persuasive person . . . Capitol Debate really offers you some personal skills that can be brought with you anywhere you go...

Arya G, NY |Testimony

"I am doing my 2nd week of Capitol Debate and I decided to join an online class to further my debate skills and learn more about debate. My coaches were very helpful and they are very good . . .

Winnifered R, CA | Video Review

"Because everyone is super encouraging with the team-building exercises and with the amazing coaches. There's just no fear of being afraid to express your opinions even if you're shy. . .

Ben S | PA

Informative Speech: Conspiracy Theories

Teresa F | NY

Oratory: Parents should Not Overpressure Kids

Junue J, CA | Video Review

"Learning from Capitol debate has definitely been a great experience that I would recommend to everybody... Capitol Debate is just an amazing program. I cannot express how much it has helped me...

Austin Speech Babson College 2023

Austin Speech, Babson College 2024

Anisha K | WA

Oratory: Escapism

Q4 Tournament Championship 4/17/21: Junue vs Sahana

Standardized Testing

Q4 Tournament Championship 4/17/21: Ben vs Teresa

Standardized Testing

Sidra Kureshi Testimony

Sidra Kureshi Testimony

Lavanya M, MO | Video Review

"My name is Lavanya, and over this past summer, I took debate 101, 201, and 301. My favorite thing about all the classes was that there was a lot of interaction between the coaches and the students. . ."

Karla Sinecio Testimony

Karla Sinecio Testimony

Q3 Tournament Championship 2/20/21: Emily vs. Leena

Resolved: The Death Penalty should be Abolished in the United States

Svetha R, NJ

Speech: Unrealistic Expectations are Not Good

Yakira C, NY | Video Review

Capitol gathers the most experienced educators in the country to provide kids like me the opportunity to thrive in our modern day world and i can certainly testify that their work makes an impact.

Amber L, MA | Video Review

"I have grown a lot more confident in my public speaking skills . . . the opportunities that Capitol Debate offers have really gotten me out of my comfort zone."

Sahana M, NJ | Video Review

"Hi, I'm Sahana. It was fun learning from Capitol Debate, learning those kinds of tactics and ideas that we can apply from today's world. It was also fun learning online. I made new friends online and it ignited like a spark and a passion. . ."

Henry Y, CA | Video Testimony

"Hi, my name is Henry . . .Here you have instructors that can give you feedback in real-time, you have classmates you can bond with and you have plenty of support if you do need it . . .

Capitol Debate Online Experience

Learn what to expect from a Capitol Debate online experience

Chinni Pulluru Testimony

Chinni Pulluru Testimony