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Winnifered R, CA | Video Review

I'm Winnifred. I go by Winnie.  I'm normally very shy in class. I took this particularly because it was online, and
once I joined, it's really quite comfortable. There's no fear of being embarrassed.  Because everyone is super encouraging with the team-building exercises and with the amazing coaches.  There's just no fear of being afraid to express your opinions even if you're shy it's just up to you how much you want to talk and take part, and it encourages you to do so even if you're trying to do so and it really helped me because I was definitely that shy. I'm still kind of that shy guy, but it definitely helps to bring me out of my shell when I'm in this class.  I just thought it would help me a lot in terms of my communication and my speaking. I came into this completely a beginner. I do not have any kind of formal debate experience. But the coaches were really good at kind of slowly easing me into public speaking.  I'm the kind of person to be very anxious in class and not speak up very much, but they were very encouraging in terms of letting me feel comfortable enough to talk about whatever I wanted to talk about and just respond to questions in general. We definitely learned a lot like all of our time. If we weren't team building, we were learning really valuable information. I feel much better at speaking than I did in the beginning. It let me talk a lot and just feel comfortable expressing my opinion.  Because we had these team-building activities, it had a lot of opportunity to just like laugh around with other people and just have fun and learn about each other there was at one point with coach paul we did this like talent show thingy, and we got to watch people like play an instrument, and that was super fun to watch it kind of showed that there's more to a person than just their debate skills right. It's really cool to just see those different sides of people that maybe even in a real classroom you wouldn't see.