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Amber L, MA | Video Review

My name is Amber. I am in eighth grade. I live in Massachusetts and I've been doing Capitol for about a year and a half.  I think that my debate skills have improved a lot.   I first learned how to find evidence,  how to write cases, how to think of responses to my opponent's questions on the spot and other debate skills like that.   I have also noticed that I have grown a lot more confident in my public speaking skills.   I have always been a relatively reserved and shy and kind of quiet person and I still am and I used to be really afraid of public speaking actually and because I was afraid I never did it and I never improved but the opportunities that Capitol Debate offers have really gotten me out of my comfort zone and helped me grow more confident.  One of the things I love so much about Capitol is that there are so many chances to debate other debaters your age whether that may be in tournaments, weekly classes or even just in weekend workshops.  All the instructors at Capitol are engaging and the classes are always informative and all the instructors are understanding and always encouraging students to speak up in class.  I would definitely recommend Capitol Debate for anyone who wants to learn more about speech and debate or take part in any of the other programs that Capitol offers.  I know that personally Capitol has definitely changed a lot for me.   I probably would not be as confident in my public speaking skills.  I would still be super shy and afraid to talk to people if it weren't for all the supportive instructors and students at Capitol.