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Yakira C, NY | Video Review

Capitol gathers the most experienced educators in the country to provide kids like me the opportunity to thrive in our modern day world and i can certainly testify that their work makes an impact. One of the comments that I tend to receive is that i can articulate my thoughts very well and I credit that strongly to my experience with Capital's year-round debate club.  Their club places emphasis on being human and real and understandable rather than being an aggressive fact machine and don't get me started on their summer camps they've got amazing summer camps among many other things they offer a business communications camp which helped provide me with the skill set to actually start my own business and they also offer an interpersonal communications camp which taught me how to navigate things like interviews and allowed me to land two successful internships this year. These aren't just things that are accessible to me whether it's the shy kid whose voice inside is just waiting to burst out or the more outgoing kid who's ready to tackle things like college interviews and business pitches or anything in between.  With Capitol Debate you can help give your child
the tools needed to succeed.