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Leena M, NJ |Video Review

Hi, I'm Leena, and I'm a Capitol Debate student. I can truly say that I love learning from Capitol Debate. The teachers are very approachable, very responsive, and very helpful. I've learned so much from these coaches and teachers. I've also made unforgettable friends through this experience that I keep in touch with inside the debate realm and outside of it.  The Capitol Debate online model is very well run . . .  I feel that I have improved a lot during my time at Capitol.  I went into Capitol Debate two years ago, not knowing what debate was, and here I am two years later, I feel confident speaking in front of others . . . I think that Capitol Debate has given me the confidence to do things that I would never have expected. Because of Capitol Debate, I even started a debate club at my own school, so I definitely improved as a debater and also my confidence as a person. Since I'm debating people from all over the country, I see different perspectives and different opinions on the topic that I wouldn't have thought of just because of my general location in the country. . . I would definitely recommend Capitol Debate to anyone who is interested in public speaking, debate, writing, or even just learning about contemporary topics. I've had a great experience with Capitol Debate and would definitely recommend it