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Henry Y, CA | Video Testimony

Hi, my name is Henry, and I've done the Capitol Debate program.  We learned about how to convince people the pathos, logos, and ethos. And at the end of the week, using the debate that we've written, we competed with each other. We didn't necessarily have a winner at the end. But we debated using the skills we learned throughout the week and the research we did throughout the week in one final debate to showcase what we have learned. Here you have instructors that can give you feedback in real-time, you have classmates you can bond with you have plenty of support if you do need it. And in general, you hear and learn about more things when you're around others, plus these teachers, I think pretty much all of them, are qualified to teach this. They're very good at it, and they pass on a lot of knowledge and some simpler things that might be lost in like a video or something else that was pre-recorded rather than in real-time. So at the beginning, I think a couple of my classmates were a lot more reserved.