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Arya G, NY |Testimony

I'm Arya.   I'm doing my second week of Capitol Debate, and I decided to join an online class to further my debate skills and learn more about debate. My coaches, they were very helpful, and they're very good at letting you know a lot of stuff without telling you directly the answer. So they help you, they give you a certain push,
and they help you learn, but they don't just do it all for you. So all of the feedbacks have been very helpful for me to be able to make my speeches better and make my presentation style better and be able to really give a convincing argument and the more information that they give you it's more like constructive criticism, and there's more information to be able to like really improve your arguments and really get far, but it's also still fun. Debating kind of boosts your confidence.  Public speaking you would use a lot of the time in the future when you're in a job interview and currently in your classes when you're trying to give your teacher a convincing presentation. Debate may also help you think quicker on your feet, so if you're in a test and you're given like a short response question, and you know the answer, but you don't exactly know how to express it, with debate that's kind of what you do in your refutation speech because you learn what your opponent says and you know what they're saying or even just talking to people to come off less shy and more extroverted My parents did watch the showcase, and they said that I did a very good job like public speaking and debating and they said that over the week, my argument had become more and more convincing and that it was more persuasive, and they also said that I had become a much better arguer.