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“Debate camp has much to offer the students. The students develop or expound on self confidence, independence and the ability to see both sides of the coin. They learn to defend a position even if it may not be popular and use excellent methods to research material. The educated coaches are supportive and have their own personal experiences to share with the students.”

~Michelle Lastrapes

Capitol Debate Parent

“Capitol Debate is a great program for kids of any skill level, to improve their public speaking, critical thinking, research skills, and their overall confidence. We LOVE Capitol Debate. Attending the Capitol Debate summer camp every year has made such a big difference in Kevin’s speaking abilities, confidence, and success at school! Thank you so much!”

~Cora Cushman

Capitol Debate Parent

“Capitol Debate has the perfect balance of learning and fun. Debate skills apply to all areas of study. The staff at CD is impressive and invested in each camper’s success. Capitol Debate has changed my daughter’s life. Her confidence has blossomed. She has a keen awareness of current events and constitutional rights. Additionally, she has new friends throughout the country.”

~Shelby Moody, Nashville, TN

Capitol Debate Parent

“My son Christopher has been going to the debate camp for four years, and my daughter Rachael has been there for three years. They enjoy the camp more and more every year. They admire their coaches and leaders. When their regular school ends in mid June, they would ask, mom, are we going to the debate camp this year? I can feel the excitement in them. My kids are happy and enjoy the camp very much.”

~Becky Hoang, Lynnwood, WA

Capitol Debate Parent

Capitol Debate: Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders Through Speech & Debate!

Embark on a two-week transformative experience with Capitol Debate. From engaging lectures and personalized labs to practical applications and dedicated supervision, witness firsthand the unparalleled commitment we have to every student's growth. Whether a beginner or seasoned debater, every moment is designed for learning, speaking, and succeeding. Let the rhythm of our dedicated days and the passion of our esteemed staff show you why speech and debate is a pivotal tool for the future.


We are Empowering a Generation


Have a Life Changing Experience


A Place to Call Home


Expert Staff

Capitol Advantage SealWe have a group of accomplished educators who have taught and competed for years. Our instructors are on the leading edge of debating & public speaking. Click here to view our full staff listing.

Top of the Line Curriculum

Our programs draw students from around the world because we focus on our resources year round to ensure that we can bring the best information to our students. Our curriculum focuses on theory and application to provide results that you will be able to see as they become better, more confident speakers.

Convenient Locations

Capitol Debate’s academic summer programs are spread across the United States, from East to West as well as internationally. With such a large number of location available you're bound to find the perfect summer debate program location for you.

  • Low faculty to student ratio – Capitol Debate firmly believes in individualized instruction, which can only happen with small class sizes.
  • Personalized Instruction – Capitol Debate instructors give students hands-on instruction with researching, writing, speaking and organizing. After practice debates, instructors give students lengthy feedback to help them improve their skills.
  • Senior faculty oversee all classes – Unlike other debate programs, Capitol Debate’s instructors have an average of 15 to 30 years of pedagogical experience in the classroom. Many have coached national champions!
  • Practice, Practice, Practice – We make sure students are not just sitting in lectures, but instead are getting up and speaking every day and applying the lessons learned in a small group setting.

Expert Staff


Leading Curriculum

In the fast-paced professional world, future STEM leaders are challenged more than ever to communicate effectively in different circumstances, whether they be in a robotics competition, science fair, math olympiad, engineering fair, or similar events. Whether it is presenting a new innovation, elaborating on an industry trend or focusing on a scientific breakthrough, our students need to be able to communicate their STEM findings in a constructive manner. Focusing on empowering tomorrow's leaders, the Capitol Debate STEM Communication program is a distinct and innovative, two-week camp aimed at providing students the unique opportunity to improve their presentation skills and polish their delivery.
Our two-week program will provide students with the proper mindset, skillset, toolset and critical communication skills needed for success in STEM fields and competitions.   We will share the most current and effective communication skills being used today and prepare them for the real-world work in STEM fields and life experiences in which they will soon find themselves.


Students will  work on:
  • Developing STEM Presentations
  • Producing Scientific Visual Aids
  • Presenting Professionally
  • Collaborating Effectively
  • Building Confidence
  • Articulating Complex Ideas
  • Persuading Audiences
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Making a Difference in STEM
  • Fielding Questions from Panel