Kinny Torre

Communications Instructor and Debate Coach at Western Washington Uni & Director at Wesley Academy

Camp Director, Camp Instructor, Assistant Camp Director

Kinny Torre competed in policy debate for three years in high school, where he was the captain of his policy team and won several tournaments in the Washington State Area. In college, he competed in Parliamentary Debate through the National Parliamentary Debate Association. He advanced to elimination rounds at every tournament in which he competed-both at local and national levels. Some of the highlights included Lewis and Clark, Mile High, the NPDA Nationals and the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence. During his senior year, he and his partner made NPDA history by placing as the 2nd and 1st best speakers respectively at the NPDA national tournament. He also finished as quarter finalists at the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence. He started coaching debate when he was in college. During his time with several different teams, all of which were different (e.g. funding, structure, students, etc.) his debaters consistently placed within the top 8 debaters at the Washington State Policy Tournament or advanced into late elimination rounds and winning various national tournaments in Public Forum e.g. Stanford, Harvard, etc. Currently, he is completing his 8th year of coaching debate. He is the director of an international debate program at Wesley Academy which is based in Vancouver, BC; however, his team travels to tournaments all over the US as well as Europe and South East Asia. These students are mostly Chinese immigrants or first generation Canadians. As a result, his program specializes in getting students with little understanding of the English language and American culture/foreign policy and accelerating their development in both research and argumentation. He is also a faculty member at Western Washington University where he teaches argument courses in the Communication Studies Department and an assistant coach of WWU's debate team. During his time as a coach, Western has advanced to late elimination rounds at every tournament and most recently, he had the privilege of coaching WWU as they took home the 2019 national championship.