Our Mission

Capitol Debate's goal is to enrich the lives of students through communication programs including public speaking, debate, business and STEM communication summer camps. To do that, we gather expert staff, with a diverse group of students, and select excellent facilities and locations to create fun, safe, and supportive environments.

When we first developed Capitol Debate in 2006, and started our academic summer camps across Maryland and Virginia, our primary goal was to enrich the social, intellectual, and academic lives of our students through the debating process. We believe this would help them to cultivate the public speaking and leadership skills that are so vital to later career success.

Our goal hasn’t changed. While our academic camps have grown to serve thousands of students, the core value has remained at the heart of all our programs and activities.

With over 40 academic camps planned throughout the United States, Canada and Singapore, geographic expansion and adherence to our guiding principle have enabled us to enhance the lives of students across the world.

Our goal is to provide every single student access to debate through our programs, which is why we continue our expansion and have established our International Club Debate League.

Join us as we help youth find their voice and passion through debate!

Ronald Bratt,

Debate & College Admissions

Debate dramatically helps with college admissions.

Professional and Interpersonal Benefits of Debate

Debate has tremendous cognitive benefits beyond the classroom.

Debate is an Investment for a Lifetime

See all the academic virtues provided by debate.

Ready to Give your Student the Experience of a Lifetime?

With over 40 camps in 2020, Capitol Debate will transform thousands of lives this year. Capitol Debate has a proven track record of producing champions & Ivy League scholars.

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