Why Capitol Debate?

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Why Capitol Debate?

Capitol Debate programs draw students from around the world and our locations provide the resources to make every student’s stay rewarding. Our decades of experience let us create some of the safest and most secure academic programs in the country.

We have a group of qualified educators who have taught and competed public speaking and debate for years, as well as residential advisors that are dedicated to making your students stay memorable as well outside of our classrooms.

The key ingredient that we add, the ingredient that makes everything work together, is fun. Our students genuinely have fun at our camps.

Along with the fun, our students gain the public speaking and debate skills they need to succeed in their personal and professional careers outside of the classroom. Our academic standards are high, which means our students are pushed to improve. They learn logic, critical thinking, leadership and teamwork, communication, public speaking, organization, and researching skills that build a solid foundation to help your students effectuate change within themselves as well as their communities.

Capitol Debate lets your student learn from the best, with the best, at the best locations. It lets them have fun. That’s why Capitol Debate.

Debate & College Admissions

Debate dramatically helps with college admissions.

Professional and Interpersonal Benefits of Debate

Debate has tremendous cognitive benefits beyond the classroom.

Debate is an Investment for a Lifetime

See all the academic virtues provided by debate.

Ready to Give your Student the Experience of a Lifetime?

With over 40 camps in 2020, Capitol Debate will transform thousands of lives this year. Capitol Debate has a proven track record of producing champions & Ivy League scholars.

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