Virtual Business Communications

Distance shouldn't prevent your students from improving their communication skills.
Seize the moment to have a long lasting positive impact on your child.
Cost: $899
Business Communication 201

Age Groups: 11‑17
Prerequisite: Public Speaking and Debate 101 or Academy
Level: Intermediate-Advanced

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Group rates available for community, church, international and school groups. Contact us at (800) 450-5012 for more information.

Course Description

Today’s youth are growing up in an increasingly fast-paced and ever-changing world. In order for future business leaders and entrepreneurs to effectively lead in the global business environment, the ability to confidently speak in public and communicate professionally are essential business skills. Capitol Debate’s Virtual Business Communication camp provides students with effective business presentation techniques such as convincing different audiences (business partners, board members, investors, prospective clients), developing business plans, and structuring clear and concise presentations. The week will wrap up with Shark Tank style presentations where students will present their unique business ideas and persuade their peers and instructors of the real-world viability of their business or product.

Student learning from home

Expected outcomes and goals

  • Formulate a successful business plan
  • Present a persuasive sales pitch professionally and with confidence
  • Create and deliver a compelling elevator pitch
  • Tailor presentations to specific audiences (business partners, board members, investors, prospective clients)
  • Develop a leading brand image
  • Utilize visual aids to enhance business presentations
  • Establish a credible marketing strategy

Immersive home-based learning experience

  • Extensive learning: Five full days of lessons (Monday-Friday)
  • Real-time feedback: From leading public speaking and debate experts
  • Practice, practice, practice: Students speak every day
  • Live interactive activities: Impromptu speeches, mini debates, improv, shark tank presentation, persuasive speeches, debate tournament, and more
  • Success, success, and success: Parent showcase & award ceremony
Student learning from home
Capitol Debate staff

Experts on Virtual Education

  • Online classes since 2012: Hundreds of successful online graduates
  • Senior instructors: Educators with 15 to 30 years of pedagogical experience
  • Vetted staff: Background and reference checks performed on all staff
  • Adult instructors: No counselor in training or high schoolers
  • Low student to staff ratio: Quality classrooms designed to maximize interaction and feedback

Parent, student & educator testimonials

Expert Staff

  • Amelia Peck

    Operations Assistant

  • Amelia Peck is currently an instructor for Capitol Debate's Club League. She has competitively debated for six years and was a part of Capitol Debate's Public Forum travel team for three years…  Read More »

  • Boka Golubovic

    Teacher of Philosophy , Logic, TOK and Debate

  • Bojana Golubović is a teacher of logic, philosophy, and TOK at Gimnazija “Svetozar Marković” Niš and instructor of debate at The City of Nis Debate Club, Serbia. During the school year, she is …  Read More »

  • Brad Hicks

    American Government & Economics Teacher, Williston High School

  • Bradley T. Hicks has been a teacher for 20 years and currently teaches Government and Economics in Williston, Florida. He holds a B.A. from Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. Inspired by those se…  Read More »

  • Chris Ahern

    12th-grade English teacher

  • Chris Ahern has been teaching 12th-grade English in New Jersey for 24 years. During his tenure, he has been the high school debate team coach while integrating debate into his instruction. He is also …  Read More »

  • Chuck McCarthy

    AP American History Teacher at Wall Hall School

  • Chuck McCarthy has held multiple roles at Wall Hall School in Wall, New Jersey from AP American History Teacher to National Honors Society Faculty Advisor to Social Studies/ROTC Department Chairperson…  Read More »

  • Chuck Nicholas

    HS Speech & Debate Teacher

  • Since 1985 I have coached C-X, LD, PFD, World Schools Debate, Mock Trial and directed over 30 school plays. In 2004 teams, I coached the 8th place PFD team at NSDA Nationals and assisted coaching th…  Read More »

  • Daniel Austin

    High School Social Studies Teacher

  • Daniel Austin is a high school social studies teacher in Piscataway, NJ, where he frequently incorporates debate and public speaking activities into the US History curriculum. A lifelong New Jersey re…  Read More »

  • Debby Haren

    Debate consultant and judge

  • Debby Haren is an experienced teacher and debate coach. She loves working at summer debate camps because it gives her a chance to do what inspires her most: work with students who have a sincere desir…  Read More »

  • Gail Nicholas

    Co-Coach of Bob Jones Academy Speech & Debate and Social Studies Department Head

  • Gail Nicholas has coached speech and debate for over 30 years at Bob Jones Academy where she teaches American Government. She is the longest serving National Speech and Debate Association district cha…  Read More »

  • Hailey Cruz


  • Hailey Cruz earned her Bachelor's Degree in English Education in May 2015 at Kean University and her Masters Degree in School counseling. She is a current school counselor, ESL Saturday teacher a…  Read More »

  • Hope Arnold

    Corporate Communications Major at Duquesne University

  • Hope Arnold competed in Public Forum debate both at Howard High School and Capitol Debate in high school. She is the co-founder and former Public Forum captain of Howard High School's Speech and D…  Read More »

  • Jessica Davis

    Secondary English teacher

  • Jessica Davis, a full-time secondary English teacher, has motivated and prepared students to compete in Model United Nations and Public Forum as a Head Debate Coach for the past year. Before that, she…  Read More »

  • Jonathan Savoy

    Communication Faculty Graduate Assistant, Bob Jones University

  • Jonathan Savoy got his start in competitive speech and debate while in high school and quickly built up experience in public speaking, mock trial, and a wide variety of other competition events, achie…  Read More »

  • Kinny Torre

    Communications Instructor and Debate Coach at Western Washington Uni & Director at Wesley Academy

  • Kinny Torre competed in policy debate for three years in high school, where he was the captain of his policy team and won several tournaments in the Washington State Area. In college, he competed in …  Read More »

  • Krista Lang

    English Teacher at Boone High School in Orlando, FL

  • Krista Lang is a high school English II teacher in Orlando, FL, where she strives to find ways for her students to create real life connections to the classroom, to build meaningful relationships, and…  Read More »

  • Marissa Pena

    Director of Speech & Debate

  • Born & raised in South Texas, Marissa has been teaching high school speech & debate in the Houston area since 2015, specializing in individual events and Congressional Debate. She has coached a 2-time…  Read More »

  • Matthew Doggett

    Assistant Professor and Director of Debate at Hillsdale College

  • Matthew Doggett is an Assistant Professor and Director of Debate at Hillsdale College from 2010-present, Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Memphis, MA in Political Science from Appalachian…  Read More »

  • Michael Perry

    Substitute Teacher Crowley ISD, Debate Judge UIL, NSDA, and TFA tournaments

  • As a member of the Instructional Team at Capitol Debate, Michael Perry is passionate in his desire to help students develop important life skills that will have a positive impact on their educational …  Read More »

  • Mona Rigdon


  • Mona got her Bachelor of Applied Science in Criminal Justice at Saint Leo University but found a passion for teaching, so she changed careers. Currently, she teaches sixth grade science in Fouke, Arka…  Read More »

  • Oliver Parker

    Debate Coach at Spain Park High School

  • Oliver is a teacher and a debate coach at Spain Park High School in Birmingham, Alabama. His teams have reached late rounds at major tournaments and qualified multiple times for the Tournament of Cham…  Read More »

  • Olivia Sailors

    Capitol Debate Instructor

  • Olivia Sailors competed in Policy Debate and Forensics for three years in high school in Kansas. Her greatest accomplishments are qualifying for state all 3 years in debate and forensics and qualifyin…  Read More »

  • Paul Narey

    Debate coach and professor of communications at the University of Wyoming

  • Paul Narey is a debate coach and professor of communications at the University of Wyoming this school year. Before this, he taught debate in Korea and has 8 years of competitive experience in high sch…  Read More »

  • PJ Samorian

    Speech and Debate Department Chairperson at American Heritage School in Boca/Delray Florida

  • P.J. Samorian has served the speech and debate community for 30 years. He is currently the Speech and Debate Department Chairperson at American Heritage School in Boca/Delray Florida. He is an NSDA tr…  Read More »

  • Richie Panuyas


  • Richie has been a professional educator for over seven years. He has worked with all populations at every grade (K-12) and every level (Special Ed to Gifted). He has worked at summer programs since 20…  Read More »

  • Ryan Rigda

    Lecturer of Communications at Saginaw Valley State University

  • Dr. Ryan Rigda has been with Capitol Debate for 4 years working as a Camp Director and Instructor. He currently works as a Lecturer of Communication at Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan. In …  Read More »

  • Ryley Hartwig

    Communications major at Florida State

  • Ryley Hartwig is finishing his second year at Florida State University, majoring in Political Science. When in high school, Ryley competed for American Heritage School for 3 years in Public Forum Deba…  Read More »

  • Sal Sandoval

    Attending Bates College, Class of 2019

  • Sal Sandoval competed in Public Forum for four years at Cypress Woods High School in Houston, Texas. While at CWHS, Sal served as an officer on his team both his junior and senior year and was also th…  Read More »

  • Selma Tabakovic


  • Selma Tabakovic competed in Public Forum for 3 years at Lakeland High School in Westchester, New York. Selma debated at the United States Congress in March 2016 regarding the unfair surveillance of Is…  Read More »

  • Stan Banks

    Director of Forensics for West Orange High School in Florida

  • Stan Banks is committed to giving back to the debate community that provided him with a transformational experience as a student. He believes debate doesn't just teach valuable communication and a…  Read More »