Debate Summer Day Camps

The goal of our day camps is to teach debate students the basics of argument and develop communication skills, problem-solving abilities, critical thinking, and increased self-esteem. They are not as rigorous as our corresponding overnight academic camps, so they are the perfect opening for new debaters. The week one is the Introduction to Debate, which delineates the foundational principles of debate such as structuring an argument, backing it with evidence, researching, writing cases, and planning defenses. The second week is Competitive Debate, where students apply the principles and learn to implement them.


These workshops give a comprehensive overview of debate and argumentation. Children who attend will learn the theories that form the practice of debate and they will learn the practice of applying those theories. We always emphasize application over rote book learning. Campers will have classroom lectures and homework assignments. Following classes, they will be broken down into small groups to brainstorm and prepare cases. They will participate in debates, which will cement the ideas they have heard from their instructors.

Skills and Areas of Focus

  • Structure Their Arguments
  • Back-Up Their Arguments with Evidence
  • Research the Evidence They Need
  • Write Persuasive Cases
  • Draft Rebuttal Briefs
  • Deliver Winning Speeches
  • Refute the Other Debating Team
  • Take Notes During a Debate
  • Cross-Examine Their Debate Opponents

See for Yourself the Impact of Our Summer Camps!

Not only will Capitol Debate students learn new skills through our programs; they will feel an increase in self-worth, learn critical thinking skills and improve public speaking and communication skills with their peers. Two weeks at camp will result in lifelong friendships and memories that will resonate with our students throughout their academic, personal and professional careers. Campers return to our program year after year because of how life-changing our Summer Debate Camps prove to be. Our parents will tell you themselves that they proudly stand by their investment in Capitol Debate because of the impact it has had on their families.

Practice & Application

Both theory and application are taught by seasoned debaters and instructors. They have years of experience on the debating circuit and in the classroom. Children will receive positive feedback with definite guidance about how to improve. Parents, your children will improve as debaters.

Please note that all payments are nonrefundable. Should cancellation be necessary, full credit will be provided up to 1 year from the date of the event, if written notice of cancellation is provided prior to May 1st for camps and at least two weeks for other programs. Any add-ons, tournament or fees paid cannot be refunded and are non-transferrable. Summer camp cancellations received after May 1st or programs cancellations after two weeks prior to program starting must also be made in writing and will follow the cancellation credit timetables. For more details please visit our Terms, Policies, and Conditions page.