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Competitive Public Forum Team


Tuition & Fees

  • Includes:
    • Weekly Instruction
    • Weekend programing
    • Tournament Coaching
    • Tournament Fees

Required Eligibility

  • Competed in at least one Public Forum Debate Tournament or attended a Summer Debate Camp in Public Forum
  • School does not have a competitive Public Forum Debate Team or school has provided permission for you to compete with Capitol Debate
  • Demonstrate competitive proficiency in Public Forum Debate

To learn if you are eligible, please email and indicate your public forum experience, school, and grade.

Team Membership Includes:

  • Complete fall season membership
    • Starting the week of September 21 to week of December 6
  • Weekly Meetings with Public Forum Debate Coach
    • Tuesday evenings at 8 p.m. EST
  • One Virtual Public Forum Debate Tournament per month
    • October, November and December
  • Coaching at each Public Forum Debate Tournament
  • Weekend Clinics and Workshops

Weekly Practices

  • Topic Analysis
  • Strategy Sessions
  • Case Writing
  • Drafting Refutation Speeches
  • Practice Debates
  • Cross-Fire Practice
Student learning from home

Weekend Clinics and Workshops

  • Office Hours
  • Practice Debates
  • Coach Review of Cases and Briefs
  • Strategy Session
  • Skill Practice
Student learning from home

Please note that all payments are nonrefundable. Should cancellation be necessary, full credit will be provided up to 1 year from the date of the event, if written notice of cancellation is provided prior to May 1st for camps and at least two weeks for other programs. Any add-ons, tournament or fees paid cannot be refunded and are non-transferrable. Summer camp cancellations received after May 1st or programs cancellations after two weeks prior to program starting must also be made in writing and will follow the cancellation credit timetables. For more details please visit our Terms, Policies, and Conditions page.