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Why Capitol Debate?

Our aim is to enrich the lives of students. To do that, we gather expert staff, with a diverse group of students, and select excellent facilities and locations to create fun, safe, and supportive environments. Read More »

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Why Debate?
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Capitol Debate Summer Camp FAQs
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2018 Summer Debate Camps

We offer academic debate camps, public speaking programs and youth leadership camps. Select a program to find your camp. Read More »

Overnight & Commuter Camps
Business Communication
Competitive Public Forum Camps
Middle School Debate Camps
High School Debate Camps
Lincoln Douglas Debate Camps
Summer Camp FAQs
Day Camp Only
Debate Day Camp
Public Speaking
Leadership and Mock Trial Day Camp

About Our Workshops

After school workshops run concurrently with regular middle school semesters. These programs offer an opportunity for children to learn debate, leadership, and public speaking. Read More »

After School Workshops
Northeast Club – NY, NJ, CT
Introduction to Debate Online Courses

Debate Teams

Ready to compete? Our teams receive the instruction and opportunity to compete in national tournaments. We offer programs in different locations and online to reach as many students as possible. Read More »

Capitol Classic's Debate Teams
Boston Club
Midatlantic Club – MD, VA, DC, PA, NC
National Travel Debate Team
Northeast Club – NY, NJ, CT
West Club – CA, TX, AZ, WA

Attendee Info

Already registered? Now it is time to get ready for camp. For students attending any of our summer camps or seasonal programs, please visit the appropriate page (on the left) to see information about your specific program, from packing lists to trip details. If you need to check your billing information, view your forms, or change your personal info, please visit your Online Account.

Information for Attendees
2018 Summer Camp Attendee Information
Day Camp Attendee Info
2015 Middle School Nationals
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Debate News

Debate News provides up-to-date information and resources to the national high school public forum debate community. It consists of tournament updates, statistics and rankings, including awards for season-long excellence.

Debate News
Media Mentions
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Introduction to Debate Online Courses

Winter Trimester: Introductory Course – From week of Jan 15th – week of Mar 12th
Classes Available Times: Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursday Evenings
Spring Trimester: Regional Club League – Wednesdays evenings from March 21st – May 2nd
In Person Tournament: Saturday, May 5th – Sunday, May 6th
Tuition: $1699 (Winter & Spring semesters are required to enroll)

We offer every student a chance to learn debate. Capitol Debate has some of the leading educators in debate in the United States. Each week students meet online, live, via webcam, with a real instructor who will interact and teach the students. We keep each class limited to 12 students. Here is the best part – once you complete the introductory class you will automatically join our Regional Club Debate League the following trimester to experience an in-person debate competition!

In the introductory course, we teach students the following skills:

  • Organizing and Structuring Arguments
  • Backing Arguments with Evidence
  • Researching
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Taking Notes in a Debate
  • Planning a Winning Debate Case
  • Attacking Reasoning Flaws in Opponent’s Cases
  • Critical Thinking
  • Cross Examining Opponents
  • Confidence
  • Ethos

All along students are speaking and debating other students in the class. The class ends with a final debate for parents to watch online. Students will have a short break in between the introduction and club league sessions. Click here to learn more about our Regional Club Debate League including dates, times and locations of our tournaments!

The Benefits of Live Online Interactive Debate Training

Learning has changed over the years and we have consistently found that we can better teach students online. We tried live training classes in every city. Here is what we learned. First, we were limited by the local talent in the area. Second, we were limited by the technology in the schools. We typically had no internet coverage and/or lacked projectors to use in our lesson plans. Finally, finding a location in a city that can accommodate all students at once was impossible. So we tried live interactive debate training for preparing our students across the nation for middle school nationals. Here is what we discovered:

  • Students Loved It – the students were in their element navigating through their computer at home. Whether it is researching a new case or collaboratively writing a case, students had instant access to information.
  • We Can Accomplish So Much More With the Students – we can have the students research their cases online, we can have the students share their screens with other students so that we can collaboratively develop our strategies, and we can easily work on the same case at the same time together via Google Documents.
  • Parents Love It – no more commuting to another activity for their kids. No more sitting in traffic. No more lost time on getting the kids ready for school the next day.
  • Allows us to Bring a Wider Variety of Experts to the Classroom – we are no longer limited by the local talent in the area. Instead, classes can be taught by leading debate coaches from any city in the United States!
  • The Proof is in the Pudding – we have successfully trained 40 students from Taiwan to debate at the Middle School Nationals and we successfully trained several students into the top ten speakers in the nation at Middle School Nationals and we never met them until they arrived!

Technology Requirements

All students enrolled in the program MUST have a laptop computer, high-speed internet, functioning webcam, functioning microphone, headphones with built-in microphone. These items are MANDATORY and are necessary to ensure that the online meetings are high-quality and effective. We recommend using the Google Chrome web browser for logging in each week.

Interactive Online Classes

With a solid internet connection and a good webcam, we can give our students an unprecedented ability to interact with one another no matter where they are located. We allow students to learn from the comfort of their Living Rooms while receiving instruction from some of the best debate teachers in the country.

Course Times

sample_session_screenshotCourses are offered in the Fall, Winter and Spring on various weeknights. All sessions are limited to a MAXIMUM of 12 students. Class times are based on students grade and experience level. When registering, you will pick the evening that you would like your class to be on and then we assign the time that the class will start. This is necessary to ensure that the students will have the ideal student to faculty ratio and guarantee that enough students are available in the class to run practice debates. Students MUST login to sessions 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start of class to ensure webcams and microphones are in working order and resolve any technical issues that might be encountered.

How Do I Get Involved?

Joining is easy. Simply register online by clicking the Register Now buttons located throughout our website. The cost is $1699 for two semesters. You will receive training, materials, and all the evidence you need in your debates. No experience is required.

For more information contact us at or by calling (800) 450-5012.