Sid Puranik

Camp Counselor at Babson College

Camp Counselor

Sid Puranik is a senior at Tompkins High School in Houston, Texas and is an avid debater and activist. His debate career has focused on Congressional Debate and Extemporaneous Speaking, both of which he has attained success in, including 6th at the Berkeley Cal Invitational, championing both the Taylor TOC Invitational and the Texas Forensics Association State Tournament in Congress, while placing 5th in the state in Extemp. With over 15 TOC/ETOC bids, his most recent accomplishment has been making NSDA Finals in Congress. Sid's passion for speech and debate is undying and is something he hopes to share at Capitol Debate. Beyond debate, Sid loves drinking coffee and reading The Economist (he isn't as boring as he may seem). In turn, Sid's friends believe there to be a fifty year old man trapped inside his body. Either way, he loves working with students and is excited to teach campers about the art of speech.