Serena Fitzgerald

University of Oregon debate coach

Camp Instructor

Serena Fitzgerald has been involved with debate for over eight years, since she first found her passion for the activity in 8th grade. She works as a debate coach at the University of Oregon, as well as being involved in local debate in the area and providing private coaching for students across the country. For her, debate provides a unique opportunity to merge curiosity, creativity, and the adrenalin rush of performance, and she is excited to share that with students as an instructor at Capitol Debate. She finds summer camps one of the most rewarding parts of coaching, as the full immersion in debate allows students to improve drastically as well as explore the communal aspect of debate by making friendships that can last a lifetime. As a debater, she finished sixth in national season sweepstakes with her partner in college NPDA debate after winning several large national level tournaments before graduating magna cum laude with a bachelor's degree in political science and economics.