Omar Moore

Travel Instructor

Camp Instructor, Camp Counselor

Omar Moore served as Debate Captain & President of the Advanced Technologies Academy Debate Team in Las Vegas, NV. Throughout his four years of high school, he primarily competed in Public Forum and Lincoln-Douglas debate. Over his career, he worked hard to build a small after-school club into a three-time state championship winning program. As the team continued to expand, he began to get opportunities to compete at regional tournaments on the national circuit his junior year. He advanced through late elimination rounds at larger tournaments like Arizona State University and Golden Desert in PF, gaining top speaker awards at both. His senior year, Omar and his partner qualified to the Tournament of Champions. In Lincoln-Douglas debate, Omar went undefeated at both his state and district championships. After qualifying for the NSDA National Tournament, he advanced through late elimination rounds finishing in the final 35. Currently, Omar studies Economics at the University of Nevada where he competed for his school's parliamentary debate team. As a freshman, Omar reached finals at the Paul Kennedy Tournament at UoP, quarter-finals at the NCFA Championship, and represented his college at the NPDA National Tournament. As he continues completion of his undergrad, Omar enjoys his work as an instructor at Capitol summer camps as well as coaching the nationally competitive, Public Forum Travel team.