Jane Boyd

Speech and Debate Teacher at Grapevine High School

Jane Boyd believes that students need to have an outlet to find themselves and it brings her joy when she is a part of that process. After graduating from the University of Arkansas, Jane taught theatre for four years. She then moved to the Dallas area to teach at Grapevine High School and started her debate coaching career where she became a trailblazer in the world of debate. Jane, a one-of- a-kind instructor, is very unique to the debate community. After over 30 years as in instructor with every level and type of debate, Jane is passionate about what debate can offer students. Not only does she love to see the friendships it creates, Jane loves that it gives students the creative outlet they need to find their voices. Jane has a Masters Degree in Education Leadership from Tarleton State University. Jane has directed and/or led labs at debate camps for over 20 years. Jane has been named to the Emory Key Coach Society, the Texas Forensic Association Hall of Fame, and the National Speech and Debate Hall of Fame.