Gabe Rusk

Director of Debate

Camp Instructor, Public Forum Director

Gabe Rusk has spent the vast majority of his life dedicated to speech and debate. As a debater in high school, he won the most competitive national championship in Public Forum debate AKA the Tournament of Champions in 2010. In college, he placed 4th at the university level in 2014 beating out more than 300 other students from some of the greatest colleges in the world. Gabe received his masters at the University of Oxford in 2016 where he studied the historical interplay between the First Amendment and pluralism in the United States. For close to a decade, Gabe has been coaching students in communication, speech, and debate. He has been an instructor or director at over a dozen debate camps and taught over a thousand students ranging from kindergarteners in Urban Denver to underclassmen at Oxford. Gabe coached for his for alma mater at George Washington High School for over six year before becoming the Director of Debate at Capitol where he oversaw a program of over 150 debaters and ten coaches. In 2018, Gabe helped coach several teams including La Salle, Quarry Lane, and Altamont HS to place top sixteen in the nation at the TOC. Finally, last year, Gabe was named Director of Debate at Fairmont Preparatory Academy where he has overseen a record breaking year securing close to a dozen qualifying legs to the Tournament of Champions and setting the all time record for a single weekend haul for any school in the country. Gabe can imagine nothing more rewarding than passing on his passion and love for debate to students. He cannot wait for the summer.