Bryce Henshaw

First-year college student at Willamette University

Bryce Henshaw is a student at Willamette University. She has had six years of debate experience, four years in high school where she participated in Policy Debate, and two years in college participating in British Parliamentary Debate. Bryce was the captain of her high school debate team her junior and senior year and attended several debate camps herself. She enjoyed her camp experience and hopes to create the same wonderful experience she had for other students. In college, she has enjoyed debating and plans to continue through college. Besides debate, Bryce has been in horse 4-H for ten years and loves riding horses. In 4-H she was the secretary of her club for four years and enjoyed being a leader and role model. Throughout all Bryce's experience teaching younger students in debate and in 4-H, she is excited to spend time this summer at debate camps teaching and having fun with students who want to learn.