Boka Golubovic

Teacher of Philosophy , Logic, TOK and Debate

Camp Instructor, Assistant Camp Director

Bojana Golubović is a teacher of logic, philosophy, and TOK at Gimnazija “Svetozar Marković” Niš and instructor of debate at The City of Nis Debate Club, Serbia. During the school year, she is deeply engaged in the work of American corner Niš as a moderator for Women Lead and TED talks programs and as a TEDEd Club Leader, managing TEDEd Clubs and organizing TEDEd conferences in Niš. For her engagement in the field of Human Rights and Democratic Citizenship, she was nominated for the Tzar Constantine Award for Tolerance, 2014 and European Award for Democratic Citizenship, 2015. In order to develop this perspective in education, she has become an expert of Anne Frank House, Pestalozzi Programme of the Council of Europe and Erasmus+ programme.