Alyssa Hooks

Social Science and Speech Communication at Lee College

Alyssa Hooks is driven to help students find their voices in the form of sanctioned discussion. Debate is an avenue in which she feels like she's seen students find what they want to do in their life and what they feel passionate about. Working at Capitol Debate gives her a chance to help enrich their experiences and help them find passion. Having debated for four years in high school and starting college debate in the fall of 2016, her main goal for camp is to help students find a lifelong desire to utilize the skills debate provides and the doors it opens. In high school, Alyssa specialized in LD Debate and was the captain of her debate team her senior year. Having worked at Kumon Learning Center, she quickly found a desire and drive to enrich students and help them find what they are good at and how to succeed with learning tools and hard work. Currently. Alyssa is at Lee College in Baytown, Texas pursuing two associates in Social Science and Speech Communication, then plans on transferring to a four-year university to major in Political Science and go into Advocacy Law when she graduates.