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Debate News provides up-to-date information and resources to the national high school public forum debate community. It consists of tournament updates, statistics and rankings, including awards for season-long excellence.

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Team News

March Tournament Results

by Mackenzie Leveque


Great job to everyone who competed in our March debate tournaments! We are thrilled to announce the Capitol Debate Club Team members who won awards this past month.

Team Placement
3rd Place – Matthew Liu & Jason Sutton
4th Place – Surya Ravindran & Charles Liang
5th Place – Skylar Hsu & Alina Chen

Speaker Awards
1) Charles Liang
2) Uma Fox
3) David Liu
4) Matthew Dame

Team Placement
1) Andrew Qian & Sarah Burney
2) Bryce Eakin & Charan Ravikumar
3) Kathyayini Mendu & David Hu

Speaker Awards
1) Andrew Qian
2) Sarah Burney
4) Juno Yoon

Team Placement
1) Beata Chen & Grace Zhou
2) Shirley Xie & Eirian Huang
3) Shivam Syal and Christopher Lee
4) Ryan Wu & Alex Zhuang
5) Alex Zhou & Brandon Jacobson
6) Angela Liu & Patrick Leu

Speaker Awards
1) Grace Zhou
2) Shivam Syal
3) Danielle Tseng
4) Shirley Xie
5) Beata Chen
6) Brandon Jacobson

Team Placement
1) Sena Hove & Vishnu Raghavan
2) Grace Knickrehm & Jennifer Buckley
3) Isaac Crane

Speaker Awards
1) Sena Hove
2) Vishnu Raghavan
3) Grace Knickrehm

West Coast
Team Placement
1) Siddhant Karmali
2) David Spitz & Yashnil Saha

Speaker Awards
1) Siddhant Karmali
2) Yashnil Saha
3) David Spitz

Team Placement
Top Team – Daniel Sinecio

Speaker Awards
1) Shea Rueda
2) Daniel Sinecio
3) AnikaGanesh
4) Preethi Mohan