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Team News

Featured Staff Member: Victor Gazio

by Mackenzie Leveque

Student_EditedCapitol Debate is lucky to have a dedicated team of full time corporate staff members who work out of sunny Carlsbad, California all year long. Last month, we introduced you to our CEO, Ron Bratt (click here if you missed the profile!) and this month, we want you to get to know our COO, Victor Gazio.

Despite working in the debate community for many years, Victor was never a debater himself. “When I was in middle school and high school, there were no debate programs available in my area,” says Victor. The lack of debate in his area inspired him to make debate more accessible to similar communities through our year long online debate program.

The reason why Victor is so passionate about giving kids access to debate is because he believes debate opens avenues for students to communicate. In Victor’s experience, debate helps students to think outside of their usual perspectives and go beyond what they may be exposed to in their local community.

He also believes that debate challenges students to push themselves beyond what they believe their potential is. “Debate challenges kids to be more exceptional than their peers and to go beyond what is expected of them. I think that the challenge of debate causes kids to dig deeper into their potential than they ever thought they could,” exclaims Victor.

One of the ways Victor loves to connect with both students and staff is through attending summer camp. He attends at least one full camp every single year and has seen so many students be completely transformed by the experience. “When you come to camp, it doesn’t matter how much debate experience you have,” says Victor. “What really matters is how excited you are to be there and how much you are willing to invest in your potential.”

If he could give one piece of advice to students coming to summer camp for the first time, he would say that they should expand their expectations. “Your mindset is everything. If you expect great things, you can achieve them,” says Victor.

Outside of the office, Victor loves to hang out with his wife and puppy. His rescue puppy Sylvie comes to work with him every day and has been featured on our company Instagram page.

We are so lucky to have Victor as part of our corporate team. Make sure to say hello if you see him around camp!