Public Speaking

Public Speaking Day Camp for Children in Maryland

2016 Camp Dates!

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Rising 4th to Rising 5th

Program Overview

The Introduction to Public Speaking workshops, held at our debate camps, guide children through the techniques of public speaking, helping them to discover the gift of communication. They will learn to present a polished speech before their peers. They will go through exercises and practice sessions to develop delivery skills such as vocal variety, articulation, and voice projection.

The Intermediate Public Speaking for kids takes them further. They will learn more advanced techniques and how to write and deliver different forms of speech.

All children want to shine amongst their peers. Our teachers are highly skilled and creative in cultivating children’s communication skills. By attending our academic summer camps, they will learn the skills that will benefit them in academics and their future careers.

How We Teach

We challenge our students to apply the material they have learned in their lectures. Rather than just hearing and forgetting huge amounts of information, they put into practice the theories presented in class.

For example, all our debate classes and public speaking workshops include real-time debates or solo presentations. Students will prepare, organize, and present in front of their peers.

Our experience has shown that such exercises best develop, stretch, and solidify a child’s understanding and grow their abilities in the core skills we are teaching.

What We Teach

At our academic camps, public speaking for kids allows them to get hands on experience in presenting. They will learn:

  • Techniques to Overcome Anxiety
  • Organization Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Vocal Variety
  • Articulation
  • Voice Projection

We Make Speakers Better

Public speaking is learned through practice. It is refined by study. It is expanded by understanding the concepts that create it. Through all this, insightful instruction is essential. Our staff minutely monitor the performance and progress of each camper. They listen to the speeches, give tips about how to improve, and provide extensive notes for the students to review. Parents, we will teach your child to become a better, more confident speaker.

Students Learn the Basics of Public Presentation, Then Advance to More Difficult Forms of Speech

Practice, study, and understanding are the keys to effective presenting and public speaking.