Mock Trial Day Camp

Mock Trials for Students in Maryland

New 2015 Dates!

July 20-24, 2015


Loyola University Graduate Center

Columbia, MD

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Day Camp 2 Weeks for $800   2 Weeks for $995


Rising 4th to Rising 9th

Program Overview

Our mock trial camps are intended to train students to express their opinions and develop their communication skills, as they participate in mock trials. They will have the chance to build confidence and debate skills in a comfortable environment.

Through participating in our middle school debate camps, students will have access to expert instruction and the resources and training necessary for success in debate. Our aim is to equip each camper with the tools needed for mock trial. They will learn the basic techniques that lawyers and debaters use in the courtroom, such as delivering speeches, cross-examining, and gathering evidence.

How We Teach

We have structured our debate camp programs so that students apply the material they have learned in their lectures. Instead of just taking notes they put into practice the ideas covered in class.

Following a class on mock trial techniques, students will be placed into small teams.  Using the theories presented in the course, they will organize and brainstorm ideas, gather evidence, and prepare speeches in preparation for defending their case. They will argue against their opponents’ case by cross-examining witnesses, finding faults with their evidence and arguments, and speaking eloquently in their own case’s defense.

Our classes are organized according to experience level, which allows campers to progress at a comfortable, yet rapid pace. Realistic exercises are the best at developing, stretching, and cementing a student’s understanding of the theories we are teaching.

What We Teach

Campers at our middle school debate institutes will learn:

  • Organization Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Research Skills
  • Techniques for Preparing and Delivering Speeches
  • How To Cross-Examine Witnesses
  • Debating Skills
  • Communication Skills

Program Options

Consider the following combinations:

  • One Week Session: Mock Trial
  • Two Week Session: Leadership plus Mock Trial
  • Two Week Session: Introduction to Public Speaking plus Mock Trial
  • Two Week Session: Introduction to Debate plus Mock Trial

We Make Debaters Better

Our staff are experienced in mock trial and many other forms of debate. Their years of practice and competition have equipped them to pass on the techniques they have found effective. Students debate under the close watch of our staff, who give advice and  feedback. They provide written instructions, noting areas of strength and weakness, about how campers can improve their performance. Parents, your camper will advance as a debater.

Campers Listen During Lectures, Take Notes, and Apply Theories in Mock Trial

The aim of these classes is to prepare students as debaters and presenters. They are intended to help campers gain the confidence, critical thinking, and debating skills they need in school and their future careers.